Tayla Holborow & the Ursa Mini Pro

Description: In an effort to best know our new toys we hit the streets and rawked out with the new Ursa Mini Pro. To be fair the UMP camera model is not new to me. This is in fact the third one that I have had (THIRD YOU SAY What the hell do you do to camera's? - Watch this  to learn more about that) This particular rig is brand spanking new to us and one one of the things that you will often hear about the Ursa mini pro is 'When you get a good one". While my sample size of three is not super large I have to say that hasn't been the case for me. They have all worked flawlessly and MAN DO I LOVE THIS CAMERA! None the less we wanted to test it out in the wilds! While we could have learned everything we needed to know from pointing the camera a well lit wall and a focus/colour chart that seemed... well boring.

This seemed to be far better! Even if it was barely 4 degrees and raining 🙂 Big thanks to Tayla Holborow and Julie Bruns for... well being awesome! 


Film Credits:
Reilly Lievers - Camera/Editing
Tayla Holborow - The Woman On Screen
Julie Bruns - Slate/Everything Else

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