Stranger to Integrity – Rain City 72hr Film Noir Entry

Our entry into 2016’s Rain City 72 hour Film Noir competition. What you are seeing was completed in a 72 hour time period!
– 72 hours
– 10 Pizza’s
– 7 Voice over sessions
– 15 scenes
– 11:38 seconds final product
– 09 Hours 57min of raw footage
– Two on screen kisses
– 4 computers
– 5 folks on the editing team

Behind The Scenes:


Film Credits:
Emma Bickley“Jane Parker”  | Writer/ Editor
Allie Pev“Carol Collingwood”  | Director/Writer/Sound/Camera Operator/Editor
Spencer Cadlick“Conrad Collingwood”  | Director/Sound/Editor/Writer
Spencer Teeter“Glenn” | Writer/Sound/Lighting
Marnie Mahannah“Becky” | Writer
Reilly Lievers“Thug #1” | Director/ Editor/ Director of Photography/ Camera Operator/ Lighting/ Writer/
Noah Brunn“Thug #2” | Writer/2nd AC/Props/Wardrobe/Sound
Torey Swindells | Script Supervisor/1st AD
Shannon McKague | Writer/Lighting/2nd AC/Props/BTS/Photography/Catering/Tiny Human Wrangling
Dan Jury | Writer/Sound
Miranda Lievers | Executive Producer
Gavin O’Sullivan | Writer
Riaan Smit | Writer
Sean Mahaffey | Writer
Candice Deanna | Makeup

Special thanks to
Cathy Lightfoot – Clothing Historian & Collector
Earl’s Fir Street Restaurant
The Loft Vancouver
A Super Duper Very Special Thank You to everyone on the Polka Dot Rocket Team who put in so many hours of unbelievable hard work to get this done!

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