Muse – 48hr Run ‘n’ Gun Entry 2016


Reeling from heartbreak, a blocked musician must navigate a dream representation of a relationship as a viewer, playing and pausing in order to truly understand and move forward.
For the second year in a row the wonderful folks at This Is A Spoon Studios have put on a 48hr film competition ( This is our entry!

Nominated for:
Best Film
Best Director
Best Cinematography

Behind The Scenes:


Film Credits:
Directed by: Riaan Smit
Story by: Polka-Dot Rocket Productions
Cinematography by: Spencer Michael Cadlick
Musical Director: Eric Cliff Seeley
Edited by: Emma Bickley and Carlo Yu

Busker: Spencer Teeter
Happy Couple: Andrew McKenzie and Blossom Koh
Picnic Couples: Shannon McKague, Jared Raschke, Tiffany Tong, and Josh B Graham
Break Up Couple: Spencer Michael Cadlick and Randi Edmundson

Dustin Silverwood, Shannon McKague, Blossom Koh, Carlo Yu, Raoul Botha

Special Thanks to:
Julie Bruns, Raoul Botha, Miranda Lievers, David Taylor and the Sandpiper

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